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Part 5 - Air impurities from emitted activities and plant FAQ

This is a guide to Part 5 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010: air impurities from emitted activities and plant. It does not cover Part 2: domestic solid fuel heaters or Part 4: motor vehicles and motor vehicle fuels.

It provides general information and answers common questions about the revised requirements for plant, equipment and activities which came into effect on 1 September 2005. The information is not exhaustive and you should contact the EPA to discuss case-specific details before acting on information contained in the guide. All questions relating to a specific premise or development proposal should be directed to the relevant EPA office (see Contacts and services) in the first instance.

As the guide was prepared in 2005, it refers to the 2002 Clean Air Regulation. See the clause comparison table (caregcomparison.pdf, 22KB) for information on which clause numbers and Parts of the 2002 Regulation matches those in the 2010 Clean Air Regulation.

The guide to frequently asked questions about Part 5 (faqpoeocarpart4.pdf, 112KB)


Page last updated: 12 June 2013