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Local government air quality toolkit

Local council officers have responsibility for dealing with a broad spectrum of issues affecting their local communities, including an extensive range of environmental management issues. The Local Government Air Quality Toolkit has been developed as a response to the many requests from council officers for authoritative information and guidance on the air pollution issues faced by them on a daily basis.

The comprehensive set of resources provided in the toolkit will assist officers of local government in managing local air quality issues; it has information on:

  • air pollution, its sources and impacts
  • the regulatory framework for protecting air quality in NSW
  • general information about air quality management procedures and technologies
  • specific information in the form of guidelines for managing a number of air polluting activities that have been identified by council officers as priority issues.

The toolkit was developed by Access Macquarie Ltd (AccessMQ), the research/commercial arm of Macquarie University, using material prepared by earlier consultants and the Office of Environment and Heritage, together with material developed by AccessMQ on the basis of their own research, including consultation with industry and local government. 

The toolkit was prepared with the needs and backgrounds of local council officers in mind so that the information could be easily understood and used for air quality management at the local level. As well as making use of the guidance material on specific topics, readers are encouraged to explore the comprehensive range of information on air pollution, regulatory measures and air quality management generally. While seeking to be thorough in its discussion of air quality issues, the toolkit is not a design manual nor does it attempt to give a detailed scientific or engineering treatment of the matters covered.

Local council officers managing air pollution issues will find the Air Emissions Inventory for the Greater Metropolitan Region in NSW a useful resource for State of the Environment (SoE) reporting and prioritising air pollution sources within their Local Government Area (LGA).

Technical Report 10 and the accompanying Excel workbook have been developed so that air emissions data can easily be displayed for each LGA.

Page last updated: 18 June 2013