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Managing non-road diesel and marine emissions

Diesel and marine emissions management strategy

The Diesel and marine emissions management strategy addresses emissions from non-road diesel equipment used at EPA- licensed activities such as coal mining, equipment used by Government agencies or their contractors, diesel locomotives operating in NSW and containerised and bulk cargo and cruise shipping at NSW ports. It sets out actions that the EPA has implemented and further steps it is taking to ensure that NSW benefits from the availability of feasible and cost-effective approaches and technologies to reduce non-road diesel and marine emissions.

Diesel emissions management workshop

On 13 June 2014, the EPA held a workshop with stakeholders on the management of diesel emissions at the Australian Technology Park, Redfern. Approximately 115 representatives from construction, mining, ports and rail, community and government sectors attended.

The Minister for the Environment gave the opening address and the EPA Chair and CEO closed the workshop.

Workshop presentations

Diesel emissions management survey feedback

Following the diesel emissions management workshop, the EPA sought the views of industry and the community as input to the initial phase of developing a non-road diesel emissions strategy for NSW.

Read a summary of the results of the diesel emissions management survey (PDF, 66KB).

Current EPA non-road diesel initiatives

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