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Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review Panel

Update - May 2013

NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell  released the Barangaroo Delivery Authority's detailed response to the Barangaroo Review and the Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review Panel Report on 19 January 2012.

Mr O'Farrell said that the Barangaroo Board had provided him with its detailed response to the review and that he would endorse its recommendations.

He also released an expert review of remediation plans for Barangaroo which finds assessment and planning for cleaning up the site's historic contamination has been of a "consistently high standard".

The report supports the findings of the Sussex and Penn Review "... that those responsible for the development of the site intend to remediate the site safely and in accordance with best practice."

The NSW Government has accepted and will adopt the recommendations of the Peer Review Panel.

Premier's Media Release (BRRP49.pdf, 407kB)

Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review Panel Report (BRRP48.pdf, 8,354kB )


Project background

As a result of the Barangaroo Review (Sussex and Penn August 2011) it was recommended that the Barangaroo Delivery Authority fund a peer review of the site remediation plans by another independent accredited Contaminated Sites Auditor selected by and reporting to a Panel chaired by the Office of Environment and Heritage, and including a nominee of the City of Sydney, a nominee of the Australians for Sustainable Development and the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Lend Lease.

Premier Barry O’Farrell announced the Peer Review into Barangaroo Site Remediation on 22 August 2011.

Member organisations

Each of the organisations nominated in the Sussex and Penn Review have appointed the following individuals to act on their behalf:

  • John Tabart – Barangaroo Delivery Authority
  • David Hutton – Lend Lease
  • Graham Jahn – City of Sydney
  • Cr Chris Harris – Australians for Sustainable Development
  • Greg Sullivan (Chairperson) – Office of Environment and Heritage

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (TOR.pdf; 49kB) as agreed by members of the Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review Panel

Independent Peer Reviewer

James Davis(JD.pdf; 123kB) has been engaged by the Panel as the independent Peer Reviewer to undertake the review.

Scope of Works

Scope of Works (SOW.pdf; 292kB)as agreed by members of the Barangaroo Independent Remediation Review Panel.

Reports under review

See the table of reports under review, including pdf copies.

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