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EPA varies BP Australia's licence to reduce air pollution in Carrington

Media release: 18 December 2015

BP Australia Pty Ltd (BP) will install a Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) that will reduce emissions from its Newcastle bulk fuel storage terminal at Carrington as a condition of a recently approved variation to the company’s environment protection licence.

The VRU operates by containing vapours that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere when empty fuel trucks refill at the terminal. The VRU will result in a reduction in hydrocarbon emissions from the Carrington terminal.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued the licence variation (Notice No. 1532169) to BP allowing a temporary increase in emissions to accommodate increased throughput at the terminal, with the condition that the VRU is installed within the next 18 months.

Adam Gilligan, EPA Hunter Manager said “The EPA supports this investment into improving environmental outcomes from the Carrington terminal. While the process of installing the VRU will result in a temporary increase in emissions, these will still be within allowable limits, and the end result will be an overall decrease in emissions into the atmosphere. This will be a net positive benefit for air quality and the community”

The VRU will be operational by 30 June 2017, and will cost BP around $3 million.

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