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EPA Statement Woolomin Petrol Contamination

Media release: 18 February 2016

Tamworth Regional Council today confirmed that residents of Woolomin have been advised to cease use of ground water.

This has come about due to a leak from one of three underground petrol tanks at the Woolomin Gold Rush petrol station which has led to the contamination of groundwater in the town.

Tamworth Regional Council is the appropriate regulatory authority and is leading the response. Council has commenced a groundwater sampling program to confirm the extent of the contamination.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority is supporting Council providing expert technical advice on contamination risks and water pollution, assisting with water sampling and analysis and the development of a longer term rehabilitation strategy.

Tamworth Regional Council has established the ‘Woolomin Water Support Line’ – 0437 776 827. This should be the primary contact number for persons seeking advice or updates on the Woolomin issue.

Further information is available in this media release from Tamworth Regional Council

Contact: Laura Brice

Page last updated: 18 February 2016