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EPA releases New Environmental Guidelines for NSW Landfills

Media release: 29 April 2016

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has released revised guidelines to ensure landfills across NSW continue to operate safely and responsibly.

EPA Executive Director Waste and Resource Recovery Steve Beaman said the Solid Waste Landfill Guidelines – Second Edition updates the original standards and brings them into line with current environmental legislation and policy.

“These updated guidelines maintain the already strong environment protection regime for NSW landfills, and provides clear information to industry about the EPA’s minimum standards,” Mr Beaman said.

“The guidelines set strict requirements to ensure that landfills operating in NSW are managed in ways that minimise any risks to the environment and local communities.

“They cover the design and construction of landfills and form the basis for EPA licence conditions, such as cell design, water and gas controls and site security, as well as odour, dust and noise controls.

Mr Beaman said the new guidelines recognise modern landfill techniques and combine requirements for general solid waste and restricted solid waste, in one place.

“These guidelines have been benchmarked against international best practice by independent environmental and engineering consultants, and further refined after extensive industry and community consultation in 2015.

The NSW Government is reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill by supporting services and infrastructure to increase recycling.

“Through Waste Less, Recycle More we’re investing $465.7 million over five years to increase household and business recycling, increase recycling processing capacity and get food and garden waste out of landfill.” Mr Beaman said.

“But even after everything that can be recycled is taken out of the waste stream there will still be a proportion of waste that will need to landfilled.

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