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Update on fish kill in Ramsgate

Media release: 13 May 2016

Preliminary laboratory results have found that water taken from the Tonbridge Reserve in Ramsgate (known as Scarborough Ponds) is not toxic and no contaminants have been found, following a fish kill on Tuesday this week. 

While residents reported the water had taken on a milky colour, ongoing testing has revealed very low dissolved oxygen levels. It is likely that this, or natural processes, is causing the fish deaths and the EPA is seeking expert scientific advice.

EPA officers were on site daily this week to undertake further testing, with results expected early next week.

NSW Department of Primary Industries has been assisting the EPA with investigations and has supported the use of aerators to try and alleviate the low oxygen levels in the water. A number of pumps have been put in place and more pumps are being sourced.

Yesterday morning’s incoming high tide bought more fish into the creek which are now dying however, in lower numbers than earlier in the week. It is likely that this will continue until the dissolved oxygen levels in the water increase.

Greg Sheehy, Acting Director of Metropolitan Branch, called on the community to contact the EPA’s Environment Line on 131 555 with any information that may assist the investigation. 

“Local knowledge of waterways and the environment can be invaluable in these types of investigations,” said Mr Sheehy.

“Perhaps you’ve lived in the area for a while and can remember a similar sort of incident occurring in the past. If so, we’d love to hear from you.”

Residents can provide information 24/7 to the EPA through the Environment Line on 131 555.


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