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EPA urges licensees to prepare for another wet weekend

Media release: 17 June 2016

As more wild weather threatens to hit the East Coast this weekend, the NSW EPA is urging all Environment Protection Licence holders to prepare.

Mark Gifford, Chief Environmental Regulator, said licensees should review their Pollution Incident Response Management Plans and take appropriate measures to protect the environment.

“Extreme weather events pose a high risk to the environment due to high winds, rainfall an inundation from flood water, in many cases the impacts on the environment can be minimised by taking appropriate precautions or actions.”

“This can include removing equipment from areas that can be inundated, having generators on standby for critical pollution control equipment and monitoring for incidents during the storm event.”

“I’d like to encourage all licensees to monitor their premises for potential pollution and, should an incident occur, report it immediately to the EPA.”

“Failure to report an incident can result in regulatory action from the EPA.”

“Over the coming days, the EPA will work closely with the emergency services and local councils,” Mr Gifford continued.

“People should avoid public waterways including rivers, creeks and flood waters. Not only are these dangerous places during and after rainfall, but there is also a high risk of pollution.”

The community can report pollution incidents in their local area by calling the 24 hour Environment Line on 131 555.

Contact: EPA Public Affairs

Page last updated: 17 June 2016