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EPA fines Quattro Ports $15,000 for exceeding licence emission limit for Methyl Bromide

Media release: 11 July 2016

The NSW Environment Authority Protection (EPA) has fined Quattro P RE Services Pty Limited (Quattro Ports) $15,000 for exceeding the licensed Methyl Bromide emission limit at its Port Kembla premises. 

NSW EPA Acting Director Metro Branch, Mr Peter Bloem, said Quattro Ports holds an Environment Protection Licence issued by the EPA for the new Quattro Ports Port Kembla Grain Terminal

“To safeguard the environment and surrounding community, the licence sets strict requirements for the use of Methyl Bromide during the fumigation of grain. This includes emission limits, monitoring and reporting requirements. 

“The EPA has set these licence requirements in discussion with Quattro Ports to protect the environment and surrounding community. They were supported by air quality impact assessments to ensure unacceptable environmental impacts did not occur. This is because Methyl Bromide can be acutely toxic to plants, animals and people and requires careful management.  

In February 2016 Quattro Ports reported non-compliances with these licence requirements during the commissioning of the Grain Terminal. Following the commencement of operation, Quattro Ports reported an exceedance of the emission limit during fumigation in April 2016. The EPA has issued a fine for this exceedance. 

“The EPA takes all breaches of licence conditions very seriously and measures have been put in place to Quattro Ports to prevent a recurrence. While the level and duration of the exceedances were unlikely to have caused harm to the surrounding community or environment, Quattro Ports must ensure that emission controls are appropriately maintained and operated at all times,” said Mr Bloem. 

Penalty notices are just one of a number of tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance, including formal warnings, licence conditions, notices and directions, mandatory audits, enforceable undertakings, legally binding pollution reduction programs and prosecutions.

For more information about the EPA’s regulatory tools, see the EPA Compliance Policy at: 

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