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EPA fines Moree man for uncontained pesticide spray

Media release: 4 August 2016

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a penalty notice to a Moree man after he failed to contain the drift while spraying pesticides at his property earlier this year.

Garden plants on a neighbouring property were damaged because of “spray drift”, an offence which occurs when the proper precautions are not taken to contain the spread of pesticides.

Under the Pesticides Act 1999 it is an offence to use a pesticide in a manner that damages or is likely to damage the property of another person.

The EPA’s Acting Manager Armidale Region Lindsay Fulloon said the offence serves as a timely reminder to pesticide users to take all necessary precautions to prevent pesticide spray drift.

“People applying or using pesticides must ensure they do so in a way that doesn’t impact adjoining properties or on non-target crops, vegetation, animals or waterways,” Mr Fulloon said.

“In this instance, the EPA investigated and found evidence that pesticides had drifted from the property where it was applied to the garden of the adjoining property.”

It is a legal requirement for anyone using pesticides to read the container’s label instructions carefully and follow the directions.

Most commercial and large-scale operators must have received appropriate training and hold a current certificate in order to apply pesticides. This training helps to protect the safety of the environment and local community while spraying.

Penalty notices and formal warnings are enforcement tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance. Other tools include licence conditions on a company’s environment protection licence, notices and directions, mandatory audits, enforceable undertakings, legally binding pollution reduction programs and prosecution.

For more information about the EPA’s regulatory tools, see the EPA Compliance Policy:

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