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Environment Protection Authority

Variation to AGL Environment Protection Licence

Media release: 11 January 2017

As AGL continues to withdraw from its Gloucester gas operations, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has reviewed and varied its Environment Protection Licence to reflect the current operations.

Environment Protection Licences are a critical tool in regulating industry in NSW. The EPA reviewed AGL’s licence for its Gloucester operations, and found there were many conditions that simply didn’t apply now that its exploration phase has ceased.

Under the revised licence, AGL can use water from the Tiedmans Dams for irrigation of pasture. The 30-35 megalitres of water, which is treated and highly diluted from rainfall and runoff, now meets the Australia and New Zealand Environment Conservation Council’s criteria for agricultural irrigation.  

The EPA is satisfied that the water can be used for irrigation of pasture without any adverse impacts to the environment. AGL is required to undertake regular monitoring of the water in the dams.

The EPA will continue to monitor and review AGL’s Environment Protection Licence as AGL continues to withdraw from its Gloucester operations.

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Page last updated: 11 January 2017