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EPA issues Prevention Notice to contractor at former Alexandria Landfill

Media release: 29 March 2017

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a Prevention Notice to CPB Contractors following complaints from the local community of foul odours from earthworks at the site of the former Alexandria Landfill, part of work on the WestConnex M5 St Peters Interchange.

The EPA prevention notice requires the contractors to take immediate action to minimise the odours going beyond the worksite and to ensure local residents are no longer impacted by odours.

After numerous calls to the EPA’s Environment Line about a ‘rotten egg gas’ smell, EPA officers attended the site between 23 March and 28 March 2017 to investigate.

The EPA requested Fire and Rescue NSW to undertake testing in the area on Tuesday night, no detectable levels of methane or hydrogen sulphide were found.

EPA Regional Director Metropolitan Giselle Howard said very heavy rainfall over recent weeks was the most likely trigger for the smell.

“The rain has pushed water through the landfill and the resulting liquid has then flowed into the on-site dam. The smell mainly occurs because the dam doesn’t have enough oxygen circulating.

“Our main community concern to address the odour which is very unpleasant, however the liquid is contained on site and the dam has not spilled over.

“The EPA has been working with CPB Contractors to ensure that immediate action is taken to minimise odours and work to remedy the problem is already underway."

“By this Friday 31 March 2017 the contractor must ensure offensive odours do not leave the boundary of the premises and that the site is managed appropriately , including removing the excess water from open areas on site, improving stockpile management and mitigating any other contributing practices  so that offensive odour is stopped.”

EPA officers will continue to monitor the site and encourage residents to report any odour issues to the Environment Line on 131 555.

Contact: EPA Public Affairs

Page last updated: 29 March 2017