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Bartter fined $8,000 for offensive odours at Carrathool

Media release: 31 May 2017

The NSW Environment Protection Authority has issued Bartter Enterprises with a fine of $8,000 for causing odours that impacted on the residents of Carrathool earlier this year.

EPA Regional Manager South West Craig Bretherton said the local Carrathool community was impacted by the offensive odours over two days, including the Australia Day public holiday.

“The odour was foreseeable and preventable if proper procedures had been implemented by Bartter’s,” Mr Bretherton said.

The EPA investigated the incident and found that Bartter’s had an agreement with the Carrathool Shire Council to dispose of waste at the Carrathool landfill. Dead chickens can be disposed of at a landfill that can legally accept this type of waste. This is not unusual.

Bartter’s engaged two separate contractors to transport the dead birds to the Carrathool landfill, and dig holes to bury them on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 January this year. However due to the lack of appropriate directions and oversight by Bartter the dead chickens were not covered until Friday morning.

Ordinarily Bartter would supervise burials at the Carrathool landfill to ensure appropriate disposal and immediate burial. However, this did not happen on this occasion.
“Bartter failed to appropriately oversee disposal of the dead birds and ensure that they were covered immediately.

“Given the hot weather at that time of year the uncovered birds generated odour and impacted on neighbours. This odour was preventable and unacceptable.

“Bartter took immediate action to rectify the problem once it was made aware, following reports made to the EPA’s Environment Line. Bartter also cooperated fully with the EPA investigation.”

Mr Bretherton said Bartter has informed the EPA that it has improved its procedures to ensure this type of incident does not occur again.

“Bartter is required to have a management plan in place which outlines the company’s procedures for the lawful disposal of dead birds in the event of a mass mortality event.

“The EPA will continue to monitor Bartter’s ongoing management of mass mortality events to check compliance with environmental legislation and confirm the environment and community are not being impacted.

“This is a reminder to all businesses to be vigilant about disposing of organic wastes, particularly in summer,” Mr Bretherton said.

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Page last updated: 31 May 2017