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EPA uses WasteLocate to catch unlawful tyre facility in Smithfield

Media release: 11 July 2017

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined D&N Rubber Refinery in Smithfield $15,000 for unlawfully processing and storing waste tyres.

In February 2017, EPA officers reviewed WasteLocate to check if the tyres were being appropriately tracked. As a problem waste, the EPA uses WasteLocate – an online tracking tool -  to ensure that all loads of waste tyres greater than 20 tyres are registered online and disposed of at an appropriately licensed facility.

On this occasion, EPA officers found that the manager of D&N Rubber Refinery was using one of his defunct companies to log the waste tyre transfer on WasteLocate, when the tyres were in fact being delivered to a Smithfield site operated by D & N Rubber Refinery.  

EPA officers subsequently received a tip off to the Environment Line and inspected the facility on 4 April. The officers found that the facility had more than 65 tonnes of waste tyres at the premises, most of which had been processed into rubber crumbs, with around 3 tonnes of complete tyres stockpiled ready for processing.

EPA Waste Compliance Director Greg Sheehy said D&N Rubber had been issued the fine because they did not hold the appropriate environment protection licence to undertake waste tyre storage and processing activities.

“Environment protection licences are not just another piece of paperwork – they are crucial mechanisms the EPA uses to monitor waste activities in NSW,” Mr Sheehy said.

“The waste industry should know that the EPA is using WasteLocate, in combination with a number of other tools, to ensure problem wastes are dealt with appropriately.

“Waste tyres pose a significant risk to human health and the environment - poorly stored tyres are a fire risk, and they can also become the home to mosquitos and vermin.

“This is why WasteLocate is such an important tool – it enables us to track problem wastes like tyres and asbestos, and ensure that they are transported to a facility that is licenced and equipped to dispose of the wastes safely.” 

The EPA has also issued a prevention notice to the facility ordering them to cease receiving and processing waste tyres until a development consent is obtained for these activities.

Members of the public can search the public register to identify whether a waste facility has the appropriate license to accept waste tyres for storage, processing or disposal.

Waste operators transporting 20 tyres or more, or loads of waste tyres more than 200kg, must register these loads through WasteLocate.

Penalty notices are one of a number of tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance including formal warnings, official cautions, licence conditions, notices and directions and prosecutions. For more information about the EPA’s regulatory tools, see the EPA Compliance Policy at 

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Page last updated: 11 July 2017