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Casino saleyards upgrade to improve the sites environmental sustainability

Media release: 20 June 2017

The NSW Environment Protection Authority is working with the Richmond Valley Council while it upgrades the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange (Casino saleyards) to ensure improvements incorporate best practice waste water management.

EPA Manager Regional Operations - North Coast Brett Nudd said the EPA has included a Pollution Reduction Program on the Richmond Valley Council’s Environment Protection Licence to improve waste water management at the saleyards.

“Waste water collected at saleyards can contain high levels of nutrients, which left unmanaged can impact on the surrounding environment,” Mr Nudd said.

“The new roof planned for the saleyards will help to reduce the amount of waste water collected on site, by capturing rain as clean water before it hits the saleyards floor and becomes contaminated.

“However further work needs to be undertaken to ensure that sustainable wastewater management is in place following the upgrade.”

Since 2015 there have been several overflows from the waste water system at the saleyards.

The Pollution Reduction Program requires Council to undertake a number of actions to review current waste water management systems on site and the sustainability of its waste water reuse.

It also requires Council to develop ground and surface water monitoring plans and report on water quality data to ensure that its activities are not impacting on the surrounding environment.

Council must also develop a plan for managing manure generated at the new saleyards.

Mr Nudd said it’s important that Council assess its current waste water management practices at the saleyards and looks at ways to improve these as part of the upgrade that’s occurring.

“The upgrade provides a good opportunity for the Council to not only improve the physical infrastructure on the site but also improve its practices to protect the environment from its activities.”

Pollution Reduction Programs are legally enforceable. They are typically negotiated with the licensed operator and contain a number of actions that are required to be completed within specific time frames.





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