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EPA releases independent Mangrove Mountain landfill report

Media release: 7 July 2017


The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) today released an independent report on the proposed development plan for the Mangrove Mountain landfill, with recommendations including further measures for the safe operation of the site.

The EPA, in consultation with the Mountain Districts Association, appointed SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd in September 2016 to independently assess a proposal to recommence operations at the landfill site, which has not received any waste since May 2014.

EPA Executive Director Waste and Resource Recovery Steve Beaman said the agency had received SLR’s recommendations and would require Verde Terra, the site’s operator, to adopt them.

“The EPA has taken on board the recommendations for additional measures for the ongoing safe operation of the landfill site, and we are committed to ensuring Verde Terra adopts them,” Mr Beaman said,

“This report has been useful for the community and the EPA in assessing Verde Terra’s site management plans and its development proposal overall.

“SLR’s independent specialist consultant met the Mountain Districts Association a number of times during the review to ensure their concerns were addressed. The EPA appreciates the significant time and effort contributed by the MDA, and we now have a more robust proposal as a result.

“The EPA understands the ongoing community concerns over the storage of muddy stormwater at the site since it ceased operation, and the historically landfilled waste. We’ll continue to consult and work closely with the Mountain Districts Association to address these concerns. 

“The good news is that this independent report found no evidence the landfill is affecting ground or surface water quality. This confirms the EPA’s assessment of water quality tests in surrounding creeks that the EPA and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage have done previously, along with groundwater monitoring undertaken by Verde Terra’s consultants.”

Mr Beaman said the EPA had delivered a copy of SLR’s report to Central Coast Council on 22 June 2017 for its consideration. 

The Mangrove Mountain landfill initially operated under a development consent issued in 1998 by the then-Gosford City Council. 

In 2014, the Land and Environment Court of NSW made orders that provided for altered use of the site and some remedial actions.

Mr Beaman said that once Central Coast Council confirms the proposal can be implemented in accordance with the development consent the EPA will review the operator’s environment protection licence.

“We must ensure Verde Terra’s licence is consistent with its development consent and Court Orders, and that this operator properly manages the disposal of waste” he said.

“We’ll be working closely with Council to ensure the site is managed in line with all environmental requirements.”

The EPA will regularly monitor and assess the ongoing operation of the site to ensure it complies with the environment protection licence and EPA’s Solid Waste Landfill Guideline (2016) requirements, and ensure that the local environment remains protected.

SLR Consulting’s report on the Mangrove Mountain landfill site is now available on the EPA’s website: 

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