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Crown forestry compliance strategy and priorities

Compliance strategy

The Crown Forestry Compliance Strategy provides a comprehensive and transparent framework for the regulation of native forestry on public land. The strategy adopts a risk-based approach to compliance which ensures the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) focuses its attention and resources on those issues that pose the greatest risk to the environment or are of major concern to the community. The strategy is consistent with the EPA’s vision – Healthy Environment, Healthy Community, Healthy Business – and aligns with the broader EPA Compliance Policy.

Download: Crown Forestry Compliance Strategy 2013-16 (PDF 80KB)

Compliance priorities

To achieve the objectives of the Strategy the EPA also develops an annual list of key environmental compliance priorities for Crown forestry. Setting compliance priorities up-front provides a clear indication of the regulator’s expectations and allows the EPA to focus compliance effort around these issues. Compliance action may include audits and inspections, policy and legislative reform, stakeholder engagement, awareness raising, voluntary action and enforcement.

Compliance priorities will be assessed and reported against on a 12-monthly basis. Some priorities may have action completed within this period, while for others, compliance effort may need to be ongoing.

The Native Forestry Environmental Compliance Priorities 2015–16 (PDF 590KB) provides a clear indication of the EPA's focus as a proactive regulator over the next 12 months.

A report on the Native Forestry Environmental Compliance Priorities: Actions taken in 2014–15 (PDF 787KB) provides a summary of the actions taken against the priorities and indicates where effort is ongoing.

Page last updated: 10 March 2016