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Report illegal dumping – RIDonline

If you see household items, such as furniture or electrical appliances, tree and plant clippings or building and construction waste dumped by the side of the road or in the bush please report it to the EPA using RIDonline.

When a report is submitted the EPA will alert the relevant local council to the incident so they can respond in the most appropriate way. By submitting a report you are also helping the EPA to develop a comprehensive statewide database of illegal dumping incidents. This will enable hot spots to be identified and strategies to be developed to help improve your local area.

Anyone caught illegally dumping can be issued with an on the spot fine from the EPA of up to $7500 ($15,000 for companies).

RIDonline can be accesses from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer and is very easy to use. You will be asked to upload a picture (if you have one) of the items that have been dumped, confirm the location of the incident and enter some details about what items have been dumped. It will only take a minute or two to submit a report and you will be helping the EPA take action to reduce illegal dumping in your neighbourhood.

Visit to make a report now or add the link to your favourites to make it easy to find when you need it.

For more information about illegal dumping, including reporting, cleaning up, prevention or accepting fill visit the EPA's Illegal waste dumping page.

To report emergency incidents and for more information about who to contact, visit the EPA's Reporting illegal dumping page.

RIDonline Private for public land managers

RIDonline is a statewide illegal dumping database and reporting tool. It will assist the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) develop a comprehensive picture of the extent of illegal dumping in NSW.

RIDonline Private is now available for councils, RID Squads and public land managers to use on a desktop or tablet.

There are two levels of access for registered users of RIDonline Private:

  • 'law enforcement' for those with a law enforcement role in illegal dumping
  • 'other officer' for waste education officers and rangers with non-law enforcement roles.

Both 'law enforcement' users and 'other officers' will have full access to all reports – however, personal details relating to investigations, e.g. names, addresses and vehicle registration details, will not be viewable by the 'other officers' for legal reasons. Photos can be only be viewed if released by the 'law enforcement' user for privacy reasons, but 'other officers' can upload and share their own photos.

RIDonline will become available for the public to use to report illegal dumping later this year. The portal will be accessible via smart phone and will also be a useful mobile tool for clean-up crews, charities and field officers.

Before completing your registration form for RIDonline please read the terms and conditions, then email your completed registration form to Please remember to indicate your user level group, either 'law enforcement' or 'other officer', on the registration form.

You will need Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 32+ or Firefox 27+ to view RIDonline on Windows.

Page last updated: 19 February 2016