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Draft Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017–20

The NSW Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017–20: Consultation draft continues to take a multi-faceted approach to the problem of illegal waste dumping. The strategy outlines clear actions for the EPA and our partners to reduce illegal dumping in NSW, from dumping of waste outside multi-unit dwellings to large scale illegal landfilling.

The draft strategy builds on the good work already completed under the NSW Illegal Dumping Strategy 2014–16.

The NSW Government's commitment to reducing illegal dumping is clear. This commitment is backed by continued funding ($65 million) under the Waste Less Recycle More initiative to tackle illegal dumping across NSW. This funding will support a range of innovative solutions to illegal dumping, delivered in partnership with councils, industry and the community.


The draft strategy aims to address issues through continued collaboration with EPA's partners, local government, land managers, community organisations and industry. The strategy coordinates action on education, enforcement and infrastructure to prevent people from dumping illegally, and to take strong action against those who persist in doing the wrong thing. The draft strategy also provides framework for evaluation of this work. The strategy outlines 6 approaches (shown below) and 37 corresponding actions:

  1. building an evidence base
  2. stakeholder engagement and capacity building
  3. education and awareness
  4. prevention, infrastructure and clean up
  5. regulation and enforcement
  6. evaluation and monitoring.


Stakeholder consultation on the draft strategy will be open until 5pm 31 July 2017. Submissions are encouraged from local councils, council groups, land managers and all industry sectors.

To provide feedback we have developed an easy survey to complete. The survey will assist with collating stakeholder feedback. To complete the survey please click on the applicable link:

Alternatively, you can make your submission using one of the following methods:

email icon Email your comments to the EPA's Illegal Dumping Team at:
post icon Post your submission to:
Illegal Dumping
Waste and Resource Recovery Branch
PO Box 668
Parramatta, NSW 2124

Consultation forums will be held in June and July in metropolitan and regional areas. Details will be available on the website shortly.

For more information, contact the NSW EPA's Illegal Dumping Team at or 02 9995 5000.

Page last updated: 19 May 2017