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Illegal dumping prevention measures will be more successful if they are part of a strategic approach or an integrated illegal dumping program, rather than isolated initiatives.

Be strategic

Tips for your illegal dumping program

Photos taken from the same point over time can be useful in showing changes at a site. Photo: HCCREMS 2011

Photos taken from the same point over time can be useful in showing changes at a site. Photo: HCCREMS 2011

  • Monitor and evaluate the outcomes and adapt the program as needed.
  • Secure the support of senior management and peers.
  • Build cooperative relationships with other authorities, the community and industry.
  • Build momentum for illegal dumping actions by recognising initiatives that have already been undertaken.
  • Create trial programs that require few resources and measure the impacts of these to build the case for a larger program.
  • Use several strategies that complement one another, for example site maintenance, community involvement and targeted enforcement.
  • Understand that each geographic region can have its unique problems and opportunities.
  • As you implement prevention techniques, complement this with local publicity. This will inform others of the problems of illegal dumping and the actions taken to prevent and clean up the dumped waste, as well as deterring offenders by publicising court convictions.
  • Regularly report to peers and senior managers, and the community, on how the actions taken make a difference.
  • Make visual displays to demonstrate results, e.g. using before and after photos.
  • Use existing data to help inform your program, i.e. baseline illegal dumping data and social research.

More information

Crackdown on Illegal Dumping – Handbook for Local Government (PDF 1.4MB)

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015