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Selecting prevention measures

There are several factors to consider when selecting prevention measures.

Dumping characteristics

Understand the factors that influence illegal dumping on your land by gathering, keeping and interpreting illegal dumping data.

Site characteristics

Sites with limited or no need for public access could be permanently closed by hard engineering methods (e.g. gates, fences, mounds, revegetation).

Sites that need to allow access to specific groups (e.g. utility providers, Rural Fire Service) could be closed using gates with keys provided to appropriate users only.

Sites needing to allow some public access can use soft engineering methods such as signage and surveillance devices.

Where sites are commonly experiencing dumping in small household loads (cars or 4WD), measures should be developed to reduce the likelihood of these vehicles crossing the barrier (i.e. steep mounds, cabled concrete blocks or bollard fencing and gates).

For a report on the effectiveness of a number of different access control measures see Illegal Dumping Deterrence Stage 1 Report.

Illegal dumping program goals

Illegal dumping program goals may include:

  • cleaning up waste and keeping areas free of illegal dumping
  • deterring illegal dumpers
  • detecting and prosecuting illegal dumpers
  • engaging the community to help clean up waste and report illegal dumping
  • encouraging the community to use local waste services
  • promoting the value of your land.

Estimating costs

Check with others about the cost or obtain quotes for each option. Check what specialist heavy machinery is needed for installing and maintaining physical barriers.

Determine how much time will be consumed by staff and volunteers for each option.

If you propose to use hard engineering options, use specifications that are proven to stop access.

Compare a variety of prevention techniques to assess the cost-effectiveness of a solution.

Short-term or long-term costs

Some measures will require initial short-term installation costs and then longer term maintenance or repairs.

Impacts to neighbouring land users and visitors

Access to the site may need to be discussed with fire authorities and other emergency services.

Consider whether community recreation use may be impacted.

Potential for vandalism

Factor in maintenance or select vandal-resistant materials.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015