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Gaining support for your illegal dumping program

Gaining support from senior managers has obvious advantages when planning and implementing an illegal dumping prevention program (e.g. staff, tools, skills and financial assistance). Their support can raise awareness of the issues and encourage others to participate in the project.

Illegally dumped waste. Photo: OEH

Illegally dumped waste. Photo: OEH

To gain support for your illegal dumping program:

  • Build a convincing business case around why illegal dumping is a problem, such as the impact illegal dumping has on amenity and the social and economic value of land.
  • Explain the roles of land managers and their legal responsibilities.
  • Provide estimates of the annual clean-up costs due to illegal waste dumping on your land.
  • Use case studies to demonstrate that simple things, often at low cost, can make a real impact to help prevent being a victim of illegal dumping.
  • Engage your work colleagues to raise awareness of illegal dumping and its consequences. Encourage staff to monitor illegal dumping hotspots and report illegal dumping incidents.
  • Establish and maintain working partnerships. Involving stakeholders and partnerships early in the development of your illegal dumping program is more likely to result in support and promotion of the program. Partners could include neighbouring land holders, Local Aboriginal Land Councils, community groups, other government authorities or business partners.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015