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Benefits of a whole-of-council approach

Illegal dumping case study – Port Stephens Council


Improve waste compliance efficiency and reduce expenditure by:

  • adopting a whole-of-council approach
  • shifting waste compliance culture from a field-based, clean-up focus to a focus on administration and enforcement.

Key actions and results

  • Conducted a detailed study of the nature and scope of illegal dumping specific to the council area over a 6-month pilot period. With this information, action could be based on fact and not assumptions.
  • Adopted new monitoring techniques (camera surveillance) to reduce time spent in the field.
  • Created a permanent Waste Compliance & Strategy Coordinator role to focus ongoing efforts.

Top tips

  • Issuing clean-up notices and infringement notices created both new income streams and cost cutting benefits for council’s operational arm. Preliminary estimates suggest savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
  • By adopting a whole-of-council approach, combating illegal dumping was prioritised, driving ingenuity and innovation in program development.
  • Cameras should be viewed as expendable. Purchasing cheaper models will ultimately be most cost-effective – one penalty notice can cover the replacement cost of four cameras.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015