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Environment Protection Authority

Review of the NSW Noise Control Regulation

The NSW Environment Protection Authority is considering feedback on the draft Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation 2017 and the accompanying Regulatory Impact Statement. 

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Noise Control) Regulation is critical to managing neighbourhood noise. It controls noise from motor vehicles and marine vessels, and reflects community standards by setting use limits on appliances such as intruder alarms, music amplifiers, air conditioners and powered garden tools.

Proposed changes

The proposed changes aim to

  • improve compliance by aligning labelling and limiting provisions for noisy equipment to international best practice and standards
  • reduce red tape by aligning existing NSW provisions for heavy vehicles to the Heavy Vehicle National Law
  • simplify the Regulation by making minor amendments to the definitions, and removing the bulk of technical procedures and placing them in a new, separate document
  • formalise existing assessment procedures for shooting ranges

The draft Regulation

  • provides straightforward and enforceable statutory controls that can be readily understood and applied
  • retains existing approaches and provisions
  • introduces a number of minor changes to reflect current community standards

What has not changed

The EPA does not propose to increase the penalty levels in the draft Regulation.

There have been no changes to the times in the times-of-use provisions or the marine vessels provisions.

Regulatory Impact Statement

The Regulatory Impact Statement

  • describes the draft Regulation in detail
  • provides an analysis of costs and benefits, together with alternative measures considered
Page last updated: 10 July 2017