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About online waste tracking

What is online waste tracking?

The transport of certain wastes into, within and out of NSW must be tracked. Waste tracking involves obtaining prior approval for the waste to be transported and completing required documentation each time such waste is transported.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has developed an internet-based waste tracking system (online waste tracking) as an alternative to paper-based waste tracking. While it is not compulsory, there are advantages to using online waste tracking over paper-based tracking. Online waste tracking has been available since December 2005 and can be used to track waste under the current dual tracking system as well as the new single tracking system. Even if you do not have internet access, you may still be able to participate in online waste tracking.

Who can use online waste tracking?

If you are a producer, agenttransporter or receiving facility involved in movement of waste which is tracked, you can obtain a user ID and password from the EPA to use online waste tracking. Your user privileges in the system depend on your access level. Before applying for a user account, please see user roles and privileges

Download an online waste tracking user application form:
OWTUserAppForm.docx (59KB)

Why use online waste tracking?

Use of the online waste tracking system is not compulsory, but there are a number of advantages for users:

Inter- and intrastate compliance

The online waste tracking system can be used to track waste movements both within NSW and from interstate to waste facilities in NSW.

For waste movements from NSW to an interstate facility, contact the interstate environment agency of the destination for advice on requirements.


  • A single transport certificate printed from the online system is the only tracking documentation needed to accompany waste when it is being transported.
  • The progress of waste being tracked can be viewed on the online system, overcoming the need for phone calls and faxes to confirm the waste has arrived at, and been processed by, the waste facility.
  • Creation of accurate consignment authorisations and transport certificates is easier as most data required is selected from dropdown lists.
  • For regular shipments of waste, transport certificates are easy to create as most of the required information is stored in the system.
  • Users of online waste tracking are not required to submit separate HIGA quarterly reports to the EPA.

The online system provides the EPA with better information about waste flows in NSW, enabling pressure points to be identified early and corrective action to be taken before they become a major problem. 

The intelligence gathered also enables the EPA to identify and deal with illegal activities more systematically, leading to a better environment and a fairer waste market.

Privacy, security and availability

Data supplied electronically will be protected from unauthorised access. Users will need a username and password to access the system and will need to be authorised to view and/or edit data.

Data supplied electronically to the EPA will be accessible only to the relevant users and EPA officers. There will be no opportunity for users to view data to which they do not have access.

However, data collected through waste tracking is aggregated and trends reported publicly in EPA Annual Reports, State of the Environment Reports and other relevant waste publications. The online system will allow this to occur more quickly and should give users faster access to the information. 

Lack of access to online waste tracking should not prevent waste from being transported. If online waste tracking is not available, the required information can be recorded on paper and entered into the system by the receiving facility when the system becomes available. See What do I do if online waste tracking is not available?

See the EPA commitment to privacy and security and web access and your responsibilities

Obtaining an online user account

Online waste tracking is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, though it is necessary to understand some basic waste tracking concepts before using the system. Online waste tracking includes a comprehensive online help function. If you are unable to solve your problem using the online help or the frequently asked questions, you can contact the EPA for advice.

  • Users may view all consignment authorisations (CAs), transport certificates (TCs) and reports in which they have a role. View-only users cannot create or edit records in online waste tracking.
  • Receiving facilities with create/update privileges can upload and download data, create CAs and/or create and update their TCs.
  • Producers and agents with create/update privileges can create custom tranporter lists and download data.
  • The producer, agent, transporter or receiving facility with create/update privileges can each record the pick-up of waste on a TC in which they have a role.

Before applying for a user account, please see user roles and privileges.

Once you are familiar with waste tracking concepts, complete a user account application form (OWTUserAppForm.docx, 59KB) and send it to the address on the form. This form can also be used to add, remove or change access rights.

Online waste tracking is a secure system designed to protect commercially sensitive information.

Page last updated: 19 May 2014