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Tracking and transporting waste

The transport of some wastes presents a high risk to the environment. These wastes must be tracked when transported into, within or out of NSW. The waste consignor, transporter and receiving facility all have obligations to ensure that the waste is properly tracked.

Steps in waste tracking

  • Determine whether the waste to be transported requires tracking (see the Waste that must be tracked fact sheet and the current list of exemptions).
  • If you don't have it already, apply for access to the Online Waste Tracking system by completing and submitting an application form.
  • Obtain prior approval to transport the waste in the form of a consignment authorisation (CA) issued by a person authorised to do so.
  • Create a transport certificate (TC) which must accompany the waste while it is being transported.
  • Complete the TC when the waste has arrived and been processed by the receiving facility.
  • Report any non-compliances to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The EPA has developed an online waste tracking system to enable CAs and TCs to be created and updated online. A single printed copy of the TC must accompany the waste during transport but it can be created online and printed when needed. The online tracking system is secure and a user ID and password are needed to access it. There is no charge for using the system.

Tracking requirements for waste being transported solely within NSW and between NSW and other states and territories are legislated under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014. The requirements are essentially the same except that:

  • some additional wastes must be tracked if transported interstate (see the Waste that must be tracked fact sheet)
  • CAs for waste being transported from NSW to another state or territory must be obtained from the environment agency in that state or territory.

Import and export of hazardous waste is regulated by the Commonwealth. For more information on interstate or overseas waste movements, see the Transporting interstate and overseas fact sheet, the Controlled Waste NEPM and the Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities.

Additional information on waste tracking, at various levels of detail, is available on this website. Unless you are already familiar with waste tracking requirements in NSW, the EPA recommends that you read the introductory fact sheets first to gain an understanding of waste tracking requirements as they relate to your circumstances. Producers of waste wanting to send their waste to a treatment or disposal facility are particularly advised to read the fact sheets on waste tracking for waste producers and authorised agents to understand their obligations when consigning the waste themselves or engaging an authorised agent to consign it on their behalf.

Additional information available on this website

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Page last updated: 16 December 2015