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This page contains links to information for farmers and farm workers. These resources provide guidance to help you comply with the requirements of the Pesticides Act and the Pesticides Regulation.

Guidance materials are available to help farmers and farm workers use pesticides safely and lawfully, keep proper records, be appropriately trained and to help them dispose of pesticide rinsate and unwanted pesticides appropriately.

  • People who use pesticides in agricultural operations and other occupations need to have undertaken approved training within the last five years, unless standard exemptions apply. The exemptions allow certain small pesticide uses without training and occasional supervised use on-farm of larger amounts. To understand your obligations and for information about providers, check the training page.
  • People who use pesticides in agricultural operations and other occupations need to keep records each time they use a pesticide, unless the standard exemption for small uses applies. Information on what details must be recorded, along with sample forms and guides for different types of farming activities, can be found on the Keeping records of pesticide use page.
  • The Safe use of pesticides dvd and poster. These are available in several languages and have been created to help NSW farmers, market gardeners and horticultural workers understand how to use pesticides safely and legally. They are also a useful resource for pesticide trainers and for agricultural, water catchment and environment advisory workers who work with growers in the Sydney Basin and across the state.

posters and dvd

The poster is available in:

Copies of the DVD and A2 laminated poster, in English and a range of community languages, can be requested through the EPA Environment Line.











Page last updated: 08 September 2014