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Pesticides Regulation 2009

The Pesticides Regulation 2009 commenced on 1 September 2009, replacing the Pesticides Regulation 1995.

The Pesticides Regulation 2009 brought in only minor changes that streamlined the Regulation's operation and improved its wording and layout to simplify compliance. The Regulatory Impact Statement for the draft Regulation (09131pestris.pdf; 822KB) was exhibited for six weeks in early 2009.

As well as publicly exhibiting the Regulatory Impact Statement, the then DECCW (now the EPA) undertook targeted consultation with key business and community stakeholders. Following consultation, additional minor wording changes were made to the final Regulation to clarify the meaning of several provisions (affecting the training and record-keeping small-use exemption, record keeping by aerial applicators, references to Commonwealth aviation legislation and the definition of ground injection of pesticides).

Page last updated: 03 December 2013