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Regulation for keeping records of pesticide use

The Pesticides Regulation 2009 makes it compulsory for all people who use pesticides for commercial or occupational purposes to make a record of their pesticide use. This includes farmers, market gardeners, parkland and greenkeepers, nursery operators, pest control operators, ground rig operators, landlords, landscape gardeners, local councils and government agencies, and other people who use pesticides as part of their job.

Keeping records of pesticide applications can help reduce health, trade and environmental impacts by providing vital information if problems occur. Keeping records helps to track the effectiveness of the pesticides used and, in the event of an incident occurring, assists in demonstrating that pesticides were used responsibly.

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Information in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Khmer, Maltese or Vietnamese has been prepared and is also available on our keeping records of pesticide use page.

Specific industry guidance fact sheets on pesticide record keeping are available in PDF format for:

Page last updated: 18 April 2017