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Environment Protection Authority

Publications and reports

State of the Environment reports

Published every three years, this report series examines the key drivers and pressures impacting the NSW environment. The most recent report is NSW State of the Environment 2015.

EPA annual report

EPA annual reports detail our operations, achievements and finances for each financial year. Read the current annual report.

Who cares about the environment?

Conducted every three years by the Office of Environment and Heritage, the 'Who cares about the environment?' social research series measures the environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the people of NSW through surveys and discussion groups.

Air emissions inventory for the Greater Metropolitan Region in NSW

The air emissions inventory is a detailed listing of pollutants discharged into the atmosphere by each source type during a given time period and at a specific location. The study area includes the greater Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong regions, known collectively as the Greater Metropolitan Region (GMR). About 75% of the NSW population resides in the GMR.

Page last updated: 21 March 2016