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Fugitive methane emissions study

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) commissioned the CSIRO to undertake a wide ranging study of fugitive methane emissions from some of the major land uses across NSW Methane is a gas that exists naturally   2017

Potential measures to reduce air pollution from NSW ports

The latest news on cruise shipping legislation Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Amendment (Cruise Ships) Regulation 2015 A Regulation amendment (PDF 215KB) has been   2016

Part 5 of the Protection of the Environment Operati...

Part 5 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010: 'Air impurities from emitted activities and plant' largely focuses on industrial, agricultural and commercial   2013

Cogeneration and Tri-generation

mean most effective in achieving a high general level of protection of the environment as a whole Available techniques shall mean those developed on a scale which allows implementation in the relevant industrial sector, under economically and technically   2013

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