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NSW industrial noise policy

The NSW Industrial Noise Policy was released on 16 December 1999, following widespread public consultation on the draft policyIt aims to balance the need for industrial activity with the desire for quiet in the community.   2016

Application notes - NSW industrial noise policy

These application notes are provided to assist industry and acoustical consultants develop noise impact assessments and apply the provisions of the NSW Industrial Noise Policy (INP), with the aim of reducing   2013

Noise management

will take the approach of what a 'reasonable person' would consider offensive Noise pollution topics Noise control legislation and who is responsible for enforcing it NSW Industrial Noise Policy - preventing and minimising industrial noise NSW   2017

Contacts for noise pollution

or inquire about noise pollution should contact the organisation responsible for its regulation, as set out below Noise source Contact Industrial/commercial noise Large industrial complexes EPA Environment Line: 131 555 Smaller factories   2016

Construction Noise

Interim Guideline The Interim Guideline deals with the assessment of noise from construction activities and advises on best practice approaches to minimise noise impactsIt is specifically   2016

Validation of Inversion Strength Estimation Method

Media centre Report a website problem Environmental Issues Noise Noise legislation POEO Noise Regulation 2008 NSW industrial noise policy Application notes Noise enhancement wind analysis program Road traffic noise Key provisions Application notes   2014

Assessing vibration: a technical guideline is publi...

Assessing vibration: a technical guideline is published on the website only, in pdf and html formats Published by: Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW) 59-61 Goulburn St Sydney   2008

Assessing vibration: a technical guideline

About this publication This publication is also available as a pdf file ( vibrationguide0643.pdf  840kb), requires Acrobat Reader ) Assessing Vibration: A technical guideline presents preferred   2013

Environment protection licences

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issues environment protection licences to the owners or operators of various industrial premises under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act)Licence   2016


Where development proposals are likely to involve blasting, for example, for the construction of a new road or a mining or quarrying project, the EPA recommends assessment of blasting overpressure and ground vibration in accordance with the Australian   2013

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