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Radiation forms

If the form you are looking for is not here, contact the EPA Hazardous Materials, Chemicals and Radiation Section on (02) 9995 5959 for a printed copy Please print out the form(s) you need, fill in, sign, and email to   2017

Mutual recognition: radiation licensing and accreditation of CREs

The mutual recognition principle as it applies to occupations, allows a person who is registered to conduct an occupation in one Australian state or territory or New Zealand, to carry out   2017

Radiation control

Introduction Objects of the Act EPA activities under the Act Radiation Advisory Council functions under the Act Radiation Advisory Council vacancies Other radiation responsibilities Introduction The Environment Protection   2017

Radiation Advisory Council radioactive substances activity threshold

Applications for user licence conditions that exceed the Radiation Advisory Council (RAC) threshold listed in the table below will be referred to the RAC for considerationThe table   2017

Radiation user licence - list of current radiation safety courses and course providers | NSW EPA

Click on the relevant licence type link below to find a list of current course providers and radiation safety courses available for that licence typeApplicants   2017

Radiation licensing

The  Radiation Control Act 1990  and Radiation Control Regulation 2013 provides for the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to license users of regulated material and for conditions to be imposed on the licence Information   2017

Radiation security assessors

The EPA accredits radiation security assessors to perform certain functions relating to source security plans and source transport security plans prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Radiation Control Act 1990   2017

Radiation guideline 2: Preparation of radiation safety manuals

Under clause 28 of the  Radiation Control Regulation 2013 an employer must, if required to do so by the Chair of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), prepare or adopt a radiation   2017

Radiation user licence - conditions

A radiation user licence may have one or more conditions attached to itThese conditions are determined by the work proposed under the licence, as well as the qualifications and experience the applicant must have to   2016

eConnect for radiation user licence applications

You can now use eConnect EPA to apply for and manage a radiation user licence; including applying for a new licence applying to renew a licence change the contact details for an existing licence.   2016

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