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Underground Petroleum Storage Systems

implementing the POEO () Regulation 2008 (PDF 939KB) UPSS Regulation leak notification form (PDF 41KB) : Best practice guide for environmental incident prevention and management   2017

Implementing the UPSS Regulation

The UPSS Regulation was revised in September 2014 to clarify the statutory requirements for the management and operation of underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) infrastructure in NSWThe EPA is the appropriate   2016

UPSS Environment Protection Plan

The Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Regulation requires that Environment Protection Plans (EPPs) contain the procedural documents and records specific to the UPSSEPPs must be accessible onsite so that practical   2017

Consites Forms

Site Auditor Scheme Mutual Recognition Applicant Declaration (DOC 51KB) Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulation 2008 (UPSS Regulation) Exemption Application - Clause 28 of the UPSS Regulation (DOC   2016

Exemptions from the UPSS Regulation

Some operators of underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) may be exempted from meeting certain requirements of the UPSS RegulationDetails of the types of exemptions and who may be eligible for them are available   2016

UPSS Regulatory Impact Statement

was published in a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS), along with a draft of the proposed UPSS Regulation, and released for public consultation in July 2014 Download RIS: Proposed Protection of the Environment Operations (Underground Petroleum Storage   2014

UPSS environmentally sensitive zones

To obtain a Class 2 exemption under the UPSS Regulation, the physical location of a UPSS site must be outside the areas in New South Wales that the EPA has determined to be 'environmentally sensitive zones' Maps   2016

The EPA has identified and mapped the UPSS environm...

The EPA has identified and mapped the UPSS environmentally sensitive zones for New South WalesThis information is available on the maps for each local government area below Please   2012

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