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Contacts for water pollution

For information on Sydney beach water quality , visit the Beachwatch website or phone 1800 036 677 Where water pollution causes or threatens material harm to the environment, a number of authorities must be notified - see   2016

EPA Botany Area Community Information Group previous updates

human health and the environment by preventing direct contact with any contamination, providing a vapour barrier and preventing infiltration of water A proposed barrier wall around the contamination will prevent the mercury contamination within the   2013


with the relevant experts and government agencies Recent and current investigations Santos Narrabri Tintsfield Water Management Facility The EPA has completed an assessment of groundwater monitoring data and determined that the Tintsfield Water   2016

Following community consultation, a revised version...

to the document include: reference to the latest edition of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater  a more comprehensive list of water pollutants that should cover all pollutants currently required to be monitored as a condition   2013

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