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NSW State of the Environment 2015

Prepared every three years, the NSW State of the Environment (SoE) reports on the status of key environmental issues facing New South Wales.

The SoE 2015 report presents 20 themes grouped under the two categories: ‘environmental drivers’ and ‘environmental resources’. Across the 20 themes the report rates 65 specific indicators for status, environmental trends, and information availability.

As with all NSW SoE reporting, the 2015 report relies on extensive contributions from many NSW Government departments and agencies, as well as within the EPA. Data and information in the 2015 report was appraised and validated by NSW agencies through an extensive process of review. Independent experts also provided a range of perspectives, additions and helpful advice.

State of the Environment 2015 report is also available in pdf format



Environmental drivers

Icon for Population theme  1. Population

Icon for Economics and the environment theme  2. Economics and the environment

Icon for Energy consumption theme  3. Energy consumption

Icon for the Transport theme  4. Transport

Icon for the Greenhouse gas emissions theme  5. Greenhouse gas emissions

Icon for the Urban water theme  6. Urban water

Icon for the Waste and recycling theme  7. Waste and recycling



Environmental resources

Icon for the Air quality theme  8. Air quality

Icon for the Contaminated sites theme  9. Contaminated sites

Icon for the Soil condition theme  10. Soil condition

Icon for the Sustainable land theme  11. Sustainable land

Icon for the Threatened species theme  12. Threatened species

Icon for the Native vegetation theme  13. Native vegetation

Icon for the Protected areas theme  14. Protected areas

Icon for the Invasive species theme  15. Invasive species

Icon for the Water resources theme  16. Water resources

Icon for the River health theme  17. River health

Icon for the Wetlands theme  18. Wetlands

Icon for the Ground water theme  19. Groundwater

Icon for the Coastal, estuarine and marine ecosystems theme  20. Coastal, estuarine and marine systems

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