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Infrastructure advisory services for councils in NSW

Overview of support and guidance

Advisory services are available to assist councils with advice, guidance, coaching and critical feedback on infrastructure procurement processes and documents. Advice may also assist in overcoming project challenges or issues.

Advisory support services available to local councils across NSW include, but are not limited to:

  • landfill - advice on planned environmental improvements/design/site layout
  • conversion of small landfills into transfer stations - advice on design/site layout
  • transfer station - advice on/design/site layout and traffic management
  • landfill closure - advice on the preparation or review of site closure plan
  • weighbridges - advice on design/installation and traffic management issues
  • incorporation of community recycling centres/other infrastructure - advice on scope/design/site layout.

Type of advisory support

Types of infrastructure advice could include:

  • Procurement/economic/financial: Peer review of planning approaches, or critical review of project timelines and risk plans.
  • Planning/licensing: Guidance on environmental protection licensing or development application procedures, or assistance in overcoming unforeseen planning and licensing issues.
  • Technical/engineering: Review of the design of infrastructure and civil works, or advice on equipment purchasing.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with legislative and policy requirements.
  • General/other: To overcome particularly challenging problems that require additional assistance or which do not fall within the categories listed above.

Processing advice approval

NSW EPA will review advice requests and let you know if your request is approved. Hours available are subject to EPA review. Contractor hours include time taken for contractors to review requests and project documents.

Please be specific about the support needed.

How to request advice

Complete the Advisory Services for Councils Advice Request Form (DOC 52KB) and email to

For more information on Infrastructure advisory services for councils contact:

Page last updated: 01 December 2016