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Kerbside resource recovery

Best Bin Systems guide

Preferred Resource Recovery Practices by Local Councils – Best Bin Systems (PDF 806KB)

The ‘Best Bin Systems’ guide is designed for local councils in metropolitan areas and regional centres. It provides advice on preferred service levels for kerbside collection of waste and recyclables from single dwellings.

Higher resource recovery is generally delivered through a three-bin collection system with separate bins for residual waste, dry recyclables and food/garden organics, or through a collection system where the residual waste is processed using alternative waste treatment technologies.

Kerbside audits

Guidelines for Conducting Household Kerbside Residual Waste, Recycling and Garden Organics Audits in NSW Local Government Areas (PDF 794KB)

These guidelines set out the methods for auditing household domestic residual, recycling and organic waste generation and the composition of a typical household bin at the kerbside. Reliable data is essential for making informed decisions about system performance, improvements and changes.

Updates to the audit guidelines

Guidelines for Conducting Household Kerbside Residual Waste, Recycling and Garden Organics Audits in NSW Local Government Areas – Addendum 2010 (PDF 209KB)

This addendum contains improvements to the original guidelines, in response to ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

Data sheets for conducting audits

Reducing contamination at the kerbside

Reducing Contamination of Dry Recyclables and Garden Organics at the Kerbside – The NSW experience (PDF 1145KB)

This report looks at the experience of NSW councils, as well as several local councils and contractors around Australia, in reducing the contamination of recyclables and organics in domestic kerbside recycling systems. It examines what does and doesn’t work. The strategies used fall into four categories: system enhancements, education, enforcement and rewards.

Collection systems for food and garden organics

Food and Garden Organics – Best Practice Collection Manual (PDF 5.6MB)

This is a national guideline to help local councils with the collection of food and garden organics. It addresses each step in the consideration, planning and implementation of an organics collection scheme, from investigating the right type of systems to adopt, through to scheme roll-out (including communication, community engagement and education) and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of scheme performance.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) contributed to the development of the manual. It is published by the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, and is the result of consultation with state governments, local government associations, waste contractors and local councils.

This manual is designed for local councils, but is also applicable to contractors and other organisations wishing to implement an organics collection scheme.


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Page last updated: 14 January 2015