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Waste and recycling

Developing markets for recycled organics

Markets for composts and related recycled organic products have been growing rapidly across NSW.

Market development projects and initiatives

Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative

The $70 million Organics Infrastructure Fund, which forms part of the Waste Less, Recycle More Initiative, includes a grants program for recycled organics market development and support.

Using compost for mitigating climate change

There is a significant body of research on the use of compost and related products in mitigating climate change. 

Diverting these materials from landfill reduces methane emissions. Applying recycled organic products leads to climate change benefits through carbon sequestration in soil, substitution of nitrogenous and other synthetic fertilisers and the flow-on effects of improved soil health and water holding capacity following their application.

Recycled Organics Unit (ROU)

The Recycled Organics Unit, or ROU, is an independent reference centre for the management of organic resources. ROU conducts research, develops prototypes and liaises with government and industry to develop best practice and innovative waste minimisation solutions involving the use of recycled organics.

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015