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Recycling organics at work

Recycling organic waste is an easy way for businesses to reduce the amount of waste sent for disposal.

Most businesses produce some form of organic waste – whether this is employees’ lunch scraps or larger quantities of garden trimmings from landscaped areas. These materials can either be processed off-site by a specialised facility or they can be composted or partially processed on-site.

On-site organics processing

On-site processing technology options are designed to minimise odour and health risks, but they need to be managed correctly. Before choosing and installing an on-site processing system do some careful research and ask a technology provider to show you existing installations, obtaining references from existing users where possible.

Collection services for organics


Free Bin Trim assessments and rebates

Your business may be eligible for a free waste assessment, and for rebates to help with the upfront costs of implementing recycling improvements. See Bin Trim business waste assessments for more information.

Organics infrastructure grants

Larger businesses may also be eligible for funding help to introduce food waste recycling or redistribution through the Organics Infrastructure (Large and Small) grants program.

Stream 2 of this program provides funding for business to install equipment for on-site processing or pre-processing of food waste that currently goes to landfill, producing compost.

Stream 3 of the program funds not-for-profit organisations to buy new infrastructure and equipment like fridges and vans to collect, store and redistribute edible food waste from businesses to people in need.

More information

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Page last updated: 14 January 2015