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Householders' Asbestos Disposal Scheme: questions and answers

1. Which councils are involved in the trial? (Show)

There are 23 local government areas involved in the 12 month trial:
  • Kempsey; Shoalhaven; Wagga Wagga
  • North East Waste, including: Ballina; Byron; Clarence Valley; Kyogle; Lismore; Richmond Valley; and Tweed.
  • Kogarah, Rockdale, Hurstville, Sutherland, Willoughby
  • Western Sydney Group, including: Blacktown; Hawkesbury; Holroyd; Hills Shire; Liverpool; Parramatta; Penrith; and Fairfield

2. I’m in one of those council areas, how can I participate? (Show)

You will need to call and register with your council. Each council has their own conditions for participation in the trial, so you will need to confirm the details with your council when you register.

3. I live in a council area next to a participating one; can I be in the trial? (Show)

No. Only residents of the participating council areas are eligible to participate. Residents will need to register their interest with their local council and provide proof of address. Landfills will also check to ensure that only people living in participating council areas can dispose of asbestos at the trial rates.

4. Why isn't my council participating in the trial? (Show)

All councils in NSW were invited to submit expressions of interest to participate in the trial and it was up to them whether or not to apply. The successful councils were recommended by an independent technical review panel based on the merit of their applications.

5. Which landfills are participating in the trial? (Show)

You will need to check with your local council about participating landfills.

6. Is there a limit to how much asbestos I can dispose under the trial? (Show)

Yes, the scheme is limited to 5 tonnes from any one household for the 12 months duration of the trial.

7. How much am I likely to save on asbestos disposal under this trial? (Show)

The EPA grants save participants the cost of the waste levy on asbestos disposal, which is $120.90 per tonne in the Greater Metro Area (Sydney, Illawarra, Hunter) and $65.40 per tonne in the Regional and Extended Regulated Area

You also receive a $50 per tonne incentive payment to assist with removal and transport costs.

Landfill gate fees and professional asbestos handling fees are not set by the EPA so will still be applicable. However, as part of the trial some councils and/or participating landfills have agreed to lower their tip fees for participating residents.

You will need to check with your local council for details.

8. How much is the waste levy? (Show)

For 2014-15 (as of July 1):

  • Greater Metro Area (Sydney, Illawarra, Hunter): $120.90 per tonne
  • Regional and Extended Regulated Area: $65.40 per tonne

9. How will my waste levy fee be waived – at the gate or as a rebate? (Show)

Each council area is managing this a little differently so it is important that members of the public wish to participate in the scheme register with their local council and make sure they read all terms and conditions.

10. How do I get my $50 p/tonne EPA incentive payment? (Show)

This money has been provided to councils as part of the EPA grant. Each council area is doing this a little differently, so check with your local council and read the terms and conditions.

11. How do I handle, wrap and dispose of asbestos safely? (Show)

There is comprehensive existing information about safe asbestos handling from Asbestos Awareness [, the EPA [0770] and SafeWork NSW (formerly WorkCover). We will be working with participating councils to ensure that this material is available to home renovators in the trial areas.

12. Why is only wrapped bonded asbestos included in the trial? (Show)

This pilot is aimed at easing the burden and cost on home renovators who manage bonded asbestos sheeting, not asbestos in soil. Bonded asbestos is also the safest form of asbestos and we wouldn’t want to encourage anybody to manage un-safe, un-bonded asbestos products.

13. What is bonded asbestos? (Show)

Bonded asbestos is asbestos in solid sheet form and not small fragments or particles. Traditionally this is the type of asbestos removed from houses during renovations.

14. Can I handle the asbestos myself or do I have to pay for professional asbestos handlers? (Show)

Some councils do require participants to use professional asbestos removalists and transporters to qualify for the trial and the financial incentives. You will need to check with your council about their individual requirements. To help with removal and transport costs the EPA trial includes a $50 incentive payment for each tonne disposed of under the scheme.

In NSW there is also a restriction that residents can only handle up to 10 square metres of asbestos. Anything beyond that amount needs to be removed and disposed of by a professional.

15. Are there conditions to participate? (Show)

Yes, each council has individual conditions that you will need to adhere to. You should check with your council about these.

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Page last updated: 13 October 2016