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Using WasteLocate in the waste tyre industry

Important information for tyre outlets, transporters, recyclers and waste facilities.

Tyre consignors, transporters and facilities receiving waste tyres must report the movement of waste tyres within NSW to the EPA.

To help industry meet their reporting obligations, the EPA developed an easy to use online tool, WasteLocate. If you are involved with transporting, or arranging the transport of waste tyres in NSW you must use WasteLocate.

WasteLocate can be accessed from tablet computers and smartphones by visiting the WasteLocate website or by scanning a QR2id code. WasteLocate generates a unique EPA consignment ID that will allow each load to be monitored from the place of generation to the site of disposal.

WasteLocate is designed for use on internet-connected tablets or smartphones running the latest versions of browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. For best results, please check you are using the latest version of your browser.

A diagram provides an overview on how to use WasteLocate in the waste tyre industry.

Why is WasteLocate needed?

Stockpiles of tyres can be a danger. They are a fire risk and create the perfect environment for mosquitos to breed. WasteLocate was developed in consultation with the industry to facilitate compliance with the new requirements. By working together, we will create a level playing field for industry participants and a healthier environment for us all.

Consignors and transporters of waste tyres are required to use WasteLocate to report the movement of waste tyres within NSW. These requirements apply to loads of waste tyres greater than 200 kilograms or more than 20 waste tyres, whichever weighs less.

If you are involved with transporting, or arranging the transport of waste tyres above these quantities in NSW, you must use WasteLocate. To register, please visit the WasteLocate website. Heavy penalties apply for not using WasteLocate.

QR2id code

WasteLocate uses QR2id codes, similar to standard QR codes. These two dimensional bar codes can be scanned with smart phones or tablet computers by using any QR scanning app.

Tyre retailers and other consignors

Each load of tyres needs to have a unique EPA consignment ID, which you must generate using WasteLocate. To create a new consignment, simply log into WasteLocate and follow the on-screen prompts to record details. You need to select a registered waste transporter and nominate a waste facility that you would like to receive your load. The selected transporter will receive an email telling them that the load is ready for collection.

Recurring/after hours consignments

If you have recurring consignments or after hours collections, you may find it useful to arrange for a personalised QR2id plate to be displayed at the loading area in your store (see collecting consignments). You can order weather resistant personalised QR2id plates using the WasteLocate website or by calling 1800 420 380. Tyre retailers will find more information on these plates in the Tyre Outlet Optional QR2id Location Plates Factsheet (PDF 301KB).


Collecting consignments

WasteLocate will send you an email whenever a new job is allocated to you. You have the option to accept, reject, or sub-contract the job to another registered waste transporter. Alternatively, tyre retailers and other consignors can install a QR2id plate. This plate is unique to the facility and can be used to store information on the scheduled loads waiting for pick up. On arrival at the store, transporters can simply scan the QR2id code on the plate and WasteLocate will display a list of consignments. Select the appropriate consignments and follow the on-screen prompts.

When you collect a consignment you need to check the details in WasteLocate and make sure they accurately reflect the load you are moving. At the point of collection and delivery of waste tyres, GPS location details from the smartphone or tablet computer must be recorded by WasteLocate. Please tap 'allow' when prompted for your location.

Delivering consignments

When you deliver the load to a recycling or disposal facility, you must scan the QR2id plate displayed at the gate or weighbridge and log into WasteLocate to confirm delivery. If there is more than one consignment on board, WasteLocate makes it easy to select which loads are being delivered to that facility.

Waste facilities

All drivers delivering waste tyres to your facility need to scan a QR2id code to confirm delivery. All waste facilities in NSW that accept tyres must display a WasteLocate plate with a QR2id code unique to that facility. Only retreaders undertaking legitimate recovery and resale of retreads are exempted from these requirements.

Waste facillities staff can order weather resistant unique QR2id plates from the WasteLocate website or by calling 1800 420 380. A facility's QR2id plate should be displayed prominently so delivery drivers can easily access it for scanning.

You must report to the EPA the registration numbers of vehicles that deliver waste tyres without using WasteLocate. More information is in the Asbestos and Waste Tyres Guidelines.

User Guides

WasteLocate has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Two user guides provide specific details on how to use the system if you are a waste tyres consignor or a waste tyres transporter:


The EPA has issued an exemption relating to the requirements to use WasteLocate for waste tyres moving between stores or transported to a retreader:

WasteLocate support

WasteLocate: FAQs
WasteLocate website
Phone: 1800 420 380

Page last updated: 19 August 2016