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The NSW Energy from Waste Policy Statement (PDF 236KB) encourages the recovery of embodied energy from waste while offsetting the use of non-renewable energy sources and avoiding methane emissions from landfill.

NSW Energy from Waste Policy Statement sets out the considerations and criteria that apply to recovering energy from waste in NSW. It ensures this energy recovery:

Eligible waste fuels

Under the policy, certain low-risk wastes, termed ‘eligible waste fuels’, are able to be considered for use as a fuel due to their origin, low levels of contaminants and consistency over time. Applications for the use of eligible waste fuels must be assessed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and if approved will be subject to a resource recovery exemption and order.

Eligible Waste Fuels Guidelines

The Eligible Waste Fuels Guidelines (PDF 606KB) are designed to assist operators intending to apply to the EPA for the use of waste or waste-derived materials as a fuel in NSW facilities.

Other wastes

All other wastes must meet all the criteria for ‘energy recovery facilities’ in the policy. These requirements equate to the operation of purpose-built facilities using best available technologies to recover energy from residual wastes that are not able to be recycled and would otherwise be disposed of to landfill.

Energy Recovery Facility Guidelines

The Energy Recovery Facility Guidelines will be published in early 2018.

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Page last updated: 24 August 2017