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Model waste and recycling collection contract


Sound contracts are important factors in ensuring efficient and effective waste and resource recovery collection systems. The Model Waste and Recycling Collection Contract is a tool to help councils streamline the tendering process and deliver a quality service.

The Model Waste and Recycling Collection Contract and the accompanying User Guide is a comprehensive tendering package which covers every aspect of writing a contract from information for tenderers to specifications and tender return schedules. It was developed in consultation with councils, collection contractors, and industry.

Benefits of use

The benefits of using the Model Waste and Recycling Collection Contract include:

  • improved quality of documents by effectively setting a minimum standard
  • time and money saved on preparation costs for tenders and contracts
  • a greater focus on the results and outcomes because less time is needed to develop the principal documents
  • higher quality tenders as tenderers become accustomed to the standard documents and can focus their efforts on the service and outcome components of their submission
  • reduced time spent on contract administration through adoption of consistent approaches.

Updated version

In early 2015, the NSW EPA undertook a review of the Model Waste and Recycling Collection Contract. The latest version was published in October 2015.

The Model Contract retains its original format. To allow for easy access to the contract documents each section is now available below as a Microsoft Word Document and PDF and can be saved to your computer.

Download a copy

More information

The EPA encourages users of the documents both councils and contractors to provide feedback or suggest areas for improvement so the documents can be refined and kept updated.

For more information or to provide feedback contact the EPA Waste Resource Recovery Regional Delivery Team (02) 9995 5000 or by email at

Page last updated: 27 October 2015