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EPA stakeholder survey

Stakeholder survey and EPA response to recommendations

In 2013, the EPA commissioned Ipsos Social Research Institute to conduct an independent survey of the EPA’s key stakeholders and members of the general population.

The EPA’s intent was to encourage members of the community, environment groups, government and industry to provide their frank and honest feedback, opinions and perceptions of the EPA and its management of environmental issues.

This feedback is welcomed by the EPA and will strengthen stakeholder relationships and improve environmental outcomes.

The detailed EPA Stakeholder Survey (130850epasurvey.pdf, 1.1MB) outlines the research design and findings of the online surveys, mini-group discussions and interviews with stakeholders. It also lists eight primary recommendations and 28 sub-recommendations, most of which focus on improving stakeholder relationships.

The EPA has developed a set of responses (130852surveyresp.pdf, 86KB) to address the recommendations in the report.

Implementing effective stakeholder engagement activities is a key result area of the EPA’s Strategic Plan 2016-19.

Page last updated: 15 December 2016