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Breathe the Benefits

Download BreatheTheBenefits.mpg (20,310 kb)

Councils that want to incorporate this 30-second video cartoon animation into their local campaign activities may include the following link on their website (Note: This is not broadcast quality but suitable for internet use).


Houses in the street. Dark, cold night. Smoke coming from chimneys. Warm light shining throught the windows

Long shot of suburban houses at night. House lights on. Smoke coming from chimneys. Sound of dog barking, sound of coughing. Voiceover:

"Smoke from wood fires pollutes the air..."

Inside a house, a wood heater (animated) is speaking.

Long shot of corner of a living room, brick fire surround, fire tools, log basket and free-standing wood heater. Wood heater speaking:

"...and wastes your money."

Wood heater takes a piece of wood from the pile.

Closeup of wood heater arm selecting a log from log basket:

"To reduce smoke..."

Wood heater opens its door and feeds itself with the wood.

Long shot of wood heater with fire box door open and arm with log lifted ready to put log in fire box:

"... feed me two or three small pieces of dry, seasoned, untreated wood."

Close up of wood heater fire door showing fire inside burning brightly.

Closeup of wood heater door closed on flames burning brightly:

"Give me enough air to keep my flame lively and bright. And don't let me smoulder overnight."

Long shot of the room with the wood heater in the corner and a dog asleep on a mat in front.

Long shot of corner of living room with wood heater and dog asleep on mat in front: logo - Our environment: it's a living thing, and logo - NSW EPA, superimposed on wood heater.

"With cleaner air this winter we'll all breathe the benefits.
"If you'd like a brochure on using your wood heater, call 131 555 during business hours."


EPA logo and pollution line phone number.



Page last updated: 09 May 2014