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NSW forest agreements

NSW forest agreements provide a framework for long-term decisions on forest use and management. They were formed from consultation and consensus established between the NSW Government and major forest stakeholders.

Forest agreements impart certainty for industry, conservation and the community. They deliver on the NSW Government's forest policy to:

  • protect environmental values in a world-class system of national parks and other reserves
  • encourage the creation of forest industries that are strong, competitive and ecologically sustainable
  • manage native forests in an ecologically sustainable way.

There are currently four NSW forest agreements, covering eastern areas of NSW. Three were made in 1999 for the Upper North East (UNE), Lower North East (LNE), and Eden regions; and one was made in 2002 for the Southern Region.

The agreements are for 20 years and progress on their implementation is reported annually.

As with Commonwealth regional forest agreements, NSW forest agreements are reviewed every 5 years. For more information see the consultation report the Review of NSW Forest Agreements and Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (PDF 1.2MB).

Page last updated: 11 July 2014