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Current resource recovery orders and exemptions

The resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions listed below are currently in force and may be used by anyone in NSW, without seeking approval from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), provided the waste generators, processors and consumers fully comply with the conditions.

Resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions are issued by the NSW Environment Authority (EPA) by notice in the NSW Government Gazetteexternal link and are published below on the EPA website. In circumstances where resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions are granted to specified persons only, the EPA will issue a written notice.

Development consent may be required

Resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions do not release those using them from complying with relevant planning consent requirements. If you wish to use an order or exemption, it is your responsibility to seek any necessary development consents from the appropriate regulatory authority. 

Click on the link below for the list of current resource recovery orders and exemptions in NSW.

Resource recovery orders and resource recovery exemptions currently in force in NSW

 MaterialResource recovery orders (RRO) Resource recovery exemptions (RRE)
Acetylene gas lime slurry Order (PDF 149KB) Exemption (PDF 128KB)
Ash from burning biomass Order (PDF 71KB) Exemption (PDF 55KB)
AWT outputs (mixed waste organic outputs) Order (90KB) Exemption (PDF 91KB)
Basalt fines Order (PDF 71KB) Exemption (PDF 48KB)
Biosolids Order (PDF 54KB) Exemption (PDF 55KB)
Bulk agricultural crop waste Order (50KB) Exemption (PDF 53KB)
Cement fibre board Order (PDF 74KB) Exemption (PDF 56KB)
Coal ash Order (81KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Coal washery rejects Order (PDF 72KB) Exemption (PDF 57KB)
Coal washery rejects (coal mine void)  Order (53KB) Exemption (54KB)
Compost Order (PDF 128KB) Exemption (PDF 197KB)
Effluent Order (PDF 51KB) Exemption (PDF 54KB)
Excavated natural material Order (PDF 92KB) Exemption (PDF 55KB)
Excavated public road material Order (PDF 57KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Food waste (liquid) Order (PDF 56KB) Exemption (PDF 66KB)
Food waste (solid) Order (PDF 55KB) Exemption (PDF 60KB)
Foundry sand Order (PDF 75KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Gin trash Order (PDF 100KB) Exemption (PDF 94KB)
Manure Order (113KB) Exemption (PDF 124KB)
Mulch Order (PDF 125KB) Exemption (PDF 132KB)
Pasteurised garden organics Order (PDF 122KB) Exemption (PDF 116KB)
Plasterboard Order (74KB) Exemption (PDF 55KB)
Processed animal waste Order (PDF 116KB) Exemption (PDF 128KB)
Rapidly Decomposed Food Waste (Closed Loop) Order (PDF 120KB) Exemption (PDF 112KB)
Rapidly Decomposed Food Waste (Greentech Industries) Order (PDF 113KB) Exemption (PDF 104KB)
Rapidly Dehydrated Food Waste (Eco Guardians) Order (PDF 113KB) Exemption (PDF 105KB)
Reclaimed asphalt pavement Order (PDF 57KB) Exemption (PDF 56KB)
Recovered aggregate Order (PDF 72KB) Exemption (PDF 57KB)
Recovered fines (Continuous) Order (PDF 82KB) Exemption (PDF 57KB)
Recovered fines (Batch) Order (PDF 79KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Recovered glass sand Order (PDF 75KB) Exemption (PDF 56KB)
Recovered railway ballast Order (PDF 71KB)  Exemption (PDF 55KB)
Slag (blast furnace) Order (78KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Slag (electric arc furnace) Order (PDF 80KB) Exemption (PDF 59KB)
Slag (electric arc furnace ladle) Order (PDF 80KB) Exemption (PDF 57KB)
Slag (electric arc welding) Order (PDF 72KB) Exemption (PDF 58KB)
Slag (steel furnace) Order (PDF 428KB) Exemption (PDF 241KB)
Stormwater Order (PDF 50KB) Exemption (PDF 52KB)
Treated drilling mud Order (PDF 148KB) Exemption (PDF 56KB)
Treated grease trap waste Order (PDF 147KB) Exemption (PDF 143KB)
Tyres Order (PDF 71KB) Exemption (PDF 56KB)

The documents in this section further explain orders and exemptions and will assist you in understanding your responsibilities and obligations.

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Page last updated: 24 July 2017