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Draft Waste Less, Recycle More Education Strategy

The Draft Waste Less, Recycle More Education Strategy 2015–17 will drive education and behaviour change initiatives to achieve the NSW waste and recycling targets. The draft strategy – Changing Behaviour Together – outlines clear actions for the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), our program partners and stakeholders and provides a framework for the evaluation of education initiatives.

Waste Less, Recycle More is a $465.7 million package to transform waste and recycling in NSW over five years and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has developed a draft education strategy to support the program.

Changing Behaviour Together: Draft Waste Less, Recycle More Education Strategy (PDF 534KB)


Our vision is to optimise the use and quality of education in all Waste Less, Recycle More programs so that they promote positive behaviour change and lead to improvements in the environment and community wellbeing.

Each action in our comprehensive plan links to at least one of our strategic directions:

  • Develop and use consistent messaging
  • Integrate education
  • Build capacity
  • Promote excellence
  • Provide resources and tools
  • Work with and support stakeholders

Changing Behaviour Together is relevant for all organisations implementing programs under Waste Less, Recycle More.


Stakeholder consultation on the draft strategy closed on Friday 29 May 2015. The EPA is currently reviewing submissions and intends to release the final strategy early in the 2015/16 financial year.

The release of this draft strategy demonstrates the commitment of the NSW Government and EPA to drive long-term behavioural change to deliver better waste and recycling outcomes.

For more information contact the NSW EPA's Regional Delivery Team.

Page last updated: 02 September 2015